Company's news

Company's news

Advanced financial and analytical report

In the new version of the financial and analytical report, we added the ability to view the results of closed deals for a certain period.
Now all transactions are divided by accounts, and both previously opened positions and transactions from previous periods are taken into account in the report. For more convenient work, dividends and coupons are not taken into account in the report, but are placed separately in the form of a table.

Also, if the client closed one position and then opened another, then he is provided with the result of the transaction that existed at the time the report was generated.
Now clients also have access to the ability to distribute such an important and, unfortunately, inevitable parameter, such as commissions in the report by months and other parameters, which provides the ability to control trading and close transactions in case of an unsuccessful outcome.

We will continue to work on improving the financial and analytical report to form the most optimal metrics for accounts.
Stay tuned for the news so you don't miss out on new opportunities!

Updated mobile application

JFS BROKERS is constantly improving its trading tools to ensure a comfortable and safe client experience. For this purpose, a new version of the mobile application was released, the main advantage of which is the ability to view a detailed financial report.

In the updated version of the application, information on the financial result is supplemented with data on commissions. In addition, the application has added distribution by instrument, industry and currency.

Our company expects that this update will benefit clients in the process of analyzing transactions on their accounts.

The new version is available on iOS and Android. Update and monitor the results of all transactions you carry out, and we, in turn, will continue to work to improve the quality of our product.

New personal account with advanced features

At the moment, the broker JFS BROKERS has developed and introduced into use a new design of a personal account for clients' accounts, which provides more options and functions for traders.
The new version will allow the client to:

  • Carry out internal transfers;
  • Get information about your account;
  • Take part in various promotions;
  • Manage bonus programs, statuses and enjoy a whole range of privileges.
  • All of the above functions are already available to the client in the new version of the personal account.

Client trade analysis

You can see the results of the analysis of clients' trading for May 2020. The percentage of successful accounts with a deposit of over 10,000 USD was about 60% of the total.

The percentage of traders who made a profit from trading in November was 36%. 

The maximum profit of $ 500,000 was taken by a trader who was actively buying and selling stocks, and the largest loss was recorded by a trader who was engaged in uncontrolled selling of indices and palladium, and it was $ 150,000.

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