JFS Trader

This platform is free and one of the most popular. It is easily installed on your computer, and also works on the Webtrader system, and you can install a real or demo version.

It has an impressive set of advantages:

  • Optimization of the trading process using algorithmic trading. You bring the process of closing a deal to an automatism and eliminate the element of surprise in your trading.
  • Multifunctionality, a pleasant interface, a variety of trading instruments - all this greatly increases the efficiency of the trading process. There are over 100 special instruments, 54 currency pairs, trading is conducted in gold, silver, diamonds and oil.
  • Supported by mobile devices based on Android or iOS. This allows you to trade from your phone and tablet. You are always aware of market trends.
  • Working in the Non Dealing Desk system - you interact directly with the market, without the intermediary of a dealer.

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CQG Trader

One of the most efficient and modern trading terminals, which provides access to international exchanges CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX. This system enables technical analysis and real-time viewing of quotations. Fast and high quality of data analysis, user-friendly interface, multifunctionality, reliability in order execution, convenient trading system are its main advantages. For Organizations only.



This is an information and analytical program that is used by professional gamblers on the stock exchanges. The platform is focused on working with trading volumes, thanks to which the trader receives more complete information about the market situation. Volfix keeps track of data on certain types of orders (orders) to buy or sell securities, as well as on the total trading volume. The program helps to collect data on transactions for the last 3 years. Cost per month from $ 200 per workplace.